Raw Deal “Revival” Format

Raw Deal
“Revival” Format
Version 3.1

by New World Manga

Reliving the early years of one of our favorite CCG’s. The card pool is Premiere Edition through Insurrextion with a limited use of Backlash Decks. “Revival” Format brings the game back to it’s roots – a time when game play and deck construction were fun and simple, yet full of strategy and variety!

(V# 1 – 9 as indicated on the bottom of the card)

Premiere Edition
Featuring The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Mankind, TripleH, Chris Jericho and Kane as starter deck superstars.
The Rock and Stone Cold Retail Editions
Special two player set distributed through mass retail outlets – contained two foil cards
The Rock and Stone Cold Limited Edition Tins
Special edition tin with Stone Cold and Rock starters, playmat and two foil cards
Fully Loaded
The first expansion for Raw Deal featuring Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Chyna, Eddie Guerrero, Rikishi and Tazz as starter superstars and Road Dogg, X-Pac and Billy Gunn as booster-only superstars.
Chris Jericho and HHH Limited Edition Tins
Special edition tin with Jericho and Triple H starters, playmat and two exclusive foil cards
Second expansion for Raw Deal, introducing the Backlash side deck mechanic and tag team superstar cards. Featuring The Hardy Boys, the Dudley Boys, Edge and Christian and RTC as starter superstars and Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, D-von Dudley, Buh Buh Ray Dudley, Edge and Christian as booster only superstars.
It’s All About The Game Limited Edition Trash Can
Two new tag team superstar starters – The Brothers of Destruction and the Two Man Power Trip – alongside an alternate art Tag Team Belt and six new rares.
Survivor Series
New Raw Deal base set featuring the best cards from Premiere Edition and Fully Loaded, as well as updated superstars Deadman Inc. and Cactus Jack. Many of the cards feature new artwork.
Third expansion for Raw Deal, introducing Pre-match stipulation cards. Featuring Lita, Rob Van Dam, The Big Show and Booker T as starter superstars and Spike Dudley, William Regal, APA and Raven as booster only superstars.
Fourth expansion for Raw Deal, introducing Managers, Feuds and Multi cards. Featuring Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Rick Flair, Trish Stratus and Hall ‘n’ Nash as starter superstars and Tajiri, The Hurricane, Billy and Chuck and Al Snow as booster only superstars.
Ruthless Aggression
Two new ‘dream teams’ – The People’s Team (The Rock, Hollywood Hulk Hogan and Edge) vs. The Dangerous Alliance (The Undertaker, Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar) – in a new Holiday Limited Edition set
Fifth expansion for Raw Deal, introducing The People’s Champion, The Game, The Big Freakin’ Machine, Rey Mysterio, Brock Lesnar, Goldust, Jamie Noble and Three Minute Warning.
Survivor Series Two
New Raw Deal base set featuring the best of all the sets up to, but not including Velocity. Featuring the long-awaited appearance of Dude Love. Many of the cards and all of the superstar cards have new artwork.
Sixth expansion for Raw Deal, introducing Big Poppa Pump, Shawn Michaels, Team Angle, Los Guerreros, The Crippler and The Rattlesnake as starter superstars and Test and Rhyno as booster only superstars.

Allowed Promotional Cards
PR# 1 – 30.

Allowed Title Belt Cards
TR# 1 – 13. (WWF Heavyweight, WWF Intercontinental, WWF European, WWF Tag Team, WWF Hardcore, WCW, WWF Lt. Heavyweight, WWE Undisputed Heavyweight, WWF Women’s, World Heavyweight, Cruiserweight, Raw Tag Team, Smackdown Tag Team.)

Your Backlash Deck may contain a maximum of 8 cards. It may contain Pre-match cards and Superstar-specific Mid-match cards ONLY. All 8 cards may be Pre-match cards. If you play less than the maximum of 8 Pre-match cards, the remaining cards may be Superstar-specific Mid-match cards up to 8 cards total.

You may play up to 4 Pre-match cards during the Pre-match phase. You may not have more than 4 Mid-match cards in your Ring area at one time.

The Pre-match Phase looks like this:
1. Play a Pre-match Feud
2. Play a Pre-match Stipulation
3. Play a Pre-match Manager
4. Play any remaining Pre-match cards.

Fans Love an Underdog
I Aims Ta Be Startin’ Sump’tin
It’s Showtime!
All non-Superstar-specific Mid-match cards

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